I am strongly relying on Todoist for organizing all my todo’s – freelancing work, privat as well as my studies. So far I am happy with the workflow even though I haven’t tried Wunderlist yet. I am using the pro version since it offers you to add reminders

But I noticed that it takes some time to get to know all the little tricks and shortcuts which help you to just “get there faster” when creating, updating or managing tasks in the app. I just wanted to give a quick reference guide for features I found very helpful (and sometimes had a hard time to find out about)

Quick Task Assignments

When creating new tasks (Hint: Shortcut is Q) you can use short codes:

  • To set a due date you can use task descriptions like: today, tomorrow, every friday, next month
  • To add a label (which are just tags for tasks) use the @ symbol for that. I use labels for categorizing my tasks into Collaboration (where I have to do phone calls or write an email) or sort my work into coding or administration tasks
  • To assign a task to a project use the #-symbol: Do laundry #Household, Code something #Work. Note: If you don’t specify a project it will be created in the project where you are right now or in your inbox
  • For a quick priorisation of tasks use the double exclamation mark. So for example “!!1” gives the task priority 1.

Note: Some of the quick assignment “short codes” are not available in the android app yet. I filed in a feature request about that since I predominantly use the app to create tasks.

Hierarchical Tasks

With Todoist you are able to create subtasks. This is very helpful when making list for things to buy or for packing lists. The parent task won’t be marked as finished until all its subtasks are finished as well.
So I use such sub tasks for example when packing for a holiday: I create a task “Holiday Packing” under my “Private” project and assign subtasks for each item I want to take (you can intend a subtask with the arrow on top of the text edit line)

So that’s it for now. I’ll try to extend this guide if I find more interesting tricks.