Creating Windows 10 User Accounts after Upgrade

Apparently there is a problem with upgraded Windows 10 systems which has a corrupted default user file. Creating a new user works fine but a logon leads to a “User cannot be loaded” Error.

Windows tries to create the new user profile by copying the necessary files from the default profile (which is corrupted) and fails doing so.

This can be solved by overwriting the Default Users’ NTUSER.DAT under C:/Users/default as shown in other tutorials. My Problem was to obtain a non-corrupted user file.
So to help everyone with the same problem, one can find an working default user file HERE!


Repetico Flashcards

I am currently preparing for several exams this semester and I am using a flashcard service, called “Repetico”, for the first time. I am using it to help me prepare on three modules which a high amount of slide and a wide variety of subjects which must be learned by heart. The modules are:

Up until now I am happy with the solution even though the final success of this study approach will only be judged after my exam result.

But for now everybody that has the same modules can apply for learning with those flashcard sets. You can write an request by clicking on the links above.
Maybe it helps some of you as well.

Please not that I am not solely relying on those cards especially because there are a lot of exercise on those topics, but rather to know definitions, principals or procedures.
Especially in distributed systems and Infovis it is crucial to know the protocols, procedures, algorithms and to have created so lattices, serialization-graphs and visualizations by hand.